Monday, November 16, 2009


"She walks around the corner, it’s like she brought the sun with her, Then everything just brightened up, I couldn’t make this up.
My fingers in my eyes as she walked by like I was waking up...Because the sky opened and God handed you directly to me. I know it sounds crazy but so is life, I’m sinking, and feeling like your heart is beating solely for me." -Cage, "I Never Knew You"

"I Never Knew You" is about a stalker that eventually kills a girl, but the song makes my heart melt. I can not wait to see Cage in concert! This song is creepy in its entirety, but I can't wait for the day when someone thinks the world brightens up because I walked around the corner.

The cover art for Cage's Depart From Me, was done by Alex Pardee. He is an amazing artist, and I would do anything to procure the painting below.

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