Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Kind of Rain

Just about a week ago it rained three nights in a row, and the thunder and lightning were amazing. One particularly stormy night I fell asleep during a movie on the couch, but when the power went off, I had a very eager boyfriend wake me up to go watch nature's show. Ben roused me, and I threw the blanket over my head (virgin mother style,) and we went out onto the porch. The wind was blowing the rain right into the porch, so we threw the blanket over our heads and ran to the Red Dragon. We slapped through the wet concrete with nothing but bare feet and laid across the backseat to watch the show. The windows fogged while we "ooed" and "aaawed" with every crack of the lightning; we didn't go back into the house until the storm was merely a drizzle.

It was one of those amazing nights that you think about afterward, and you realize how lucky you are to have such a fun person in your life. I wish I had some pictures, but I've been without my camera as of late.

Also, the frogs have been named. They are named, Carl (thanks Cam.) That's right, I named them both Carl, now their identical exterior is moot!

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