Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy (Late) Halloween

     We had a Halloween party for the nieces, nephews and Jarom on the 15th: it was an absolute blast!  We ate Jack O' Lantern pizza, drank witches brew and decorated cookies.  Like any good party, we played games including: the mummy wrap, doughnut eating, and pin the smile on the Jack O' Lantern.  The kids each received a goodie bag with gummy pumpkins, fangs, fingertips, spider rings, googly glassses, flashlights and temporary tattoos. We ended the night with Disney's "Halloweentown," and because that freaked the kids out, we followed it up with "Despicable Me."

     The next morning, Ben cooked the kids chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and eggs.  It was a great end to the festivities!  I sure do love those kids, but let me tell you, I am never having children.  One night was definitely enough.  Definitely.


collette charles-bodtcher said...

you guys are seriously champions. that mummy wrap looks LEGIT

MeganDan said...

You threw a party for kids that aren't even yours? ONE WORD. brave.