Thursday, March 10, 2011


I'm running in the SLC Half Marathon, again! I swore that I would never run in another half, because I was in so much pain last year! In all fairness, I was in pain last year because I ran twice in preparation...stupid much? You can't just run 13.1 miles without conditioning your body, well, you can, but you'll hurt for weeks and curse the entire running world. For weeks I would curse runners and call them stupid when I saw them outside (every runner except Natalie of course). I crossed the finish line last year and immediately said, "That was the worst fucking experience of my life." I literally almost lost control of my bowels (sick, I know), because I had to go to the bathroom at mile two and didn't dare to brave the porta-potties. I thought running was stupid, but I was stupid. This year I am training. This year I am going to be prepared.

So far, I still hate running.

I am getting blisters between my toes, so I'm going to invest in toe socks. I have found the Injinji brand to be the most well-reviewed, any other suggestions, friends? If not, here come the gay pride toe socks:

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Natalie said...

I too get blisters in between my toes. Here is what I've found that works:
1. Make sure your shoes are big enough. Go to SL Running company to be fitted properly. I wear an 8.5 and my running shoes are a 10.5. Yeah.
2. Toe Socks. I like the Infininji too. I like to wear them under regular socks to insure no toe movement whatsoever.
3. I tried compression socks at my last race and really liked them. I just taped up my toes with that moleskin tape or whatever it's called and that works great.
4. Lisa and Tiff say that the no-blister powder works really well. You rub it on your feet before you put on your socks. XOXO