Monday, March 14, 2011


I have been training for The SLC Half, and training has been going well.  However,  I may have encountered a slight speed bump on Thursday night; the speed bump has a name, and its name is Dustin.  Dustin and I were rolling (that's jiu-jitsu speak for sparring and/or fighting) and when I went to sweep him (gain a dominant position), he caught his balance and came down on my leg with all of his weight.  I thought my leg broke, and I immediately rolled belly-down and writhed in pain.  My face was flushed and the tears were hot.  My coaches and Ben ran over and helped to pull my gi open, and each one held a hand and coached me to contain my breathing.  I laid on the ground for half an hour, not moving my leg and trying to stay calm.
 Eventually we put some ice on the site of impact, and I was able to walk out of the gym, but my leg still feels mushy in one spot.  It hurts to touch my leg, and walking across campus is too much impact.

 Is there a running God, and is he testing me?  Last year I had to drop from the Ragnar due to pain in my knees, and I have to be honest when I say that I wasn't too disappointed (sorry, Nat).  Remember, I was still horrified from my first race:  But this year, I'm excited to run.  I have invested in toe socks and better running shoes.  I have a training schedule, and I've been diligent!  Now, I have a mushy leg, and it hurts.  My leg hurts and I'm disappointed that I may have met my match for training.  I'm also disappointed that I cried at the gym, it was mortifying.  Here's a picture of a healthy set of bones, I'm pretty sure the lower part of my tibia looks like moldy bread:

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Natalie said...

This is why your training should be Zumba oriented. MUCH safer... ;-) I hope everything is OK!! If you can't run, you at least need to meet up with us for brunch afterward.