Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Today the best man in the world turns twenty-seven!  I am so thankful for the amazing series of coincidences that led to Ben's adoption by the Garner family, and led us both to Absolute MMA.  When I feel stressed from the day I always know that our little apartment will be a calm sanctuary full of hugs, kisses, and a warm hand to caress my face when I'm sad.  Everyday I love him more and more. Ben is smart, funny, handsome, caring, and infinitely patient.

Today is his day.

We started off with stuffed strawberry french toast, bacon, and Kona coffee.  Tonight we're going to the Himalayan Kitchen with friends for some delicious naan and curry, and after that we'll have dessert at the place of his choice.  Unfortunately, the gift I bought him didn't show up yet, but he is getting a single-weave black Fuji Gi.

San Francisco '09

Happy Birthday, Bentley!


MeganDan said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday, Bentley! Hope dinner was fabulous :)

Chelsea Kilpack said...

Thanks, Meg! I wish you guys could have made it!