Saturday, July 30, 2011


I have mentioned Alex Pardee a few times, and I have raved about the print he did of Batman that I desperately want.  This is the picture:
The print is sold out, and will never be reprinted (in the larger size).  I have searched online to no avail. I have emailed the artist to see if he will ever do a reprint. The answer? Nope.  I found one of the originals in a small art gallery in downtown SLC, but it is $400.  Did I buy it?  Nope.

Well, last night I was checking out Alex Pardee's blog, and guess what he is releasing????? 8" x 10" prints of his "Tonight, To Knight" piece.  I definitely bought one!  Now I just have to convince Ben that it is worth hanging in the house.

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