Wednesday, September 21, 2011

15 lbs

This past year I have gained fifteen pounds (and I haven't lost one of 'em).  I find myself bitching about it quite a bit, but when I eat a bag of these babies, the fifteen seems worth it. 
Just so you know, Vanilla Tootsies are the bees knees, and now they are sold by the bag.  Uh-oh.


Natalie said...

Vanilla Tootsie Rolls are my FAVORITE!! Seriously, only available in a bag at Halloween so BUY UP! Also, have you tried the midgies? Also only available at Halloween? On second though, you might not want to try them because they are DEE-LICIOUS. In other news, we're having a Biggest Loser Weight Loss Competition. $50 each (pot is $300 right now). Weigh in this week and final weigh in at the Biggest Loser season finale party at our place. Winner takes all!! XOXO

Chelsea Kilpack said...

I haven't tried the midgies, but I saw them last week and just walked away. If I buy 'em, I will eat every last one. I'll have to talk to you about the Biggest Loser competition tonight!