Friday, September 23, 2011

Tastes of Inauthenticity

I should have known when we walked in the front door.  There was paneling on the walls, and the constant din of a fan or swamp cooler.  The place was sparsely decorated.  I thought they were closed because of the general disarray, but I was hungry, and sometimes the best food comes from dives (right, Guy Fieri?).  These were the thoughts when Ben and I walked into Taste of India in West Jordan, and in retrospect, we should have just walked out.

I had the chicken coconut korma, and Ben had the chicken tikka masala.  We ordered the naan fusion basket, because we can't get enough of good naan.  We didn't get any good naan with our order.  The naan was doughy; doughy to the point that I could pull pieces off and roll it up into little balls.  Not to mention, they forgot the bread basket, and we only received it after I asked the waitress about it.

The curries were soupy and bland.  I literally asked the server if the sauce was from a jar, to which she said she needed to go ask the kitchen.  Bad sign.  Sorry, sweet server, the terrible food isn't your fault but I had to know.  They said the food was fresh, but let me tell you: they lied.  I make Indian food at home, and I eat it every chance I can, that slop was from a jar. 

$45 later, we walked out disappointed and feeling slightly sick. 

I am not hard to please.  I don't have an insanely refined palate, but I was truly disappointed.  I don't know if anyone else has been to one of their two locations, but the dinner we had was so disgusting that I want to warn everyone to avoid the hell out of that place.

If you want Indian food go to these places:
Himalayan Kitchen
Star of India
India House
Bombay House
India Fusion

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