Thursday, September 22, 2011


According to the feeling in the air and the stores, it is time to decorate for Halloween. I didn't realize how much I loved Halloween decorations until I walked into the Hobby Lobby and almost orgasmed. I picked up some cute stuff for great prices.

Table runner: $10 @TJ Maxx, Candy Dish: $7 @Hobby Lobby

Wreath: $25 @Target

Indoor Wall Hangy Thing: $12 @ Hobby Lobby

Window sill decor: $6 @Hobby Lobby
I also bought some Halloween dishtowels for $5 at Target.

It was great fun going with my friend Mallory for a day of shopping. We lusted over things we couldn't afford and compared prices on the stuff we could, it was an uber-successful shopping day.


Mallory said...

Everything looks so good!!! You know my decorations have started going up!

MeganDan said...

Super cute!

Chelsea Kilpack said...

Thanks, Meg!
Mal, I don't know how you resisted. I'm going to post pictures of the other stuff I bought for behind my television. None of it is for the holidays, they are just awesome picture frames and shelves. You will love it!