Monday, February 28, 2011

Double Wide

I used to live in a trailer. I lived in a trailer with my deadbeat of an Ex-boyfriend, his grandma, great-grandma (for a short period,) sister, mother, nephew, and two dogs. I lived in a place that I hated, with someone I didn't like, and I was turning into a miserable person. Finally, after two and a half years of back and forth, I left. I left my beautiful dog, took my mattress and moved out.
The Ex was left with his pile of mounting debt and his shiny Hummer in the driveway (the driveway of a trailer, mind you). I have never been happier. I have grown up so much in the two and a half years after my departure.

Saturday night I was in the area with Ben for a housewarming party, and we decided it would be fun to drive by the old trailer. I assumed that the family had moved on, but as we pulled up, there it was. The grandma and mother had their old cars in the driveway, and there was a shiny new Cadillac in one of the carport stalls (reminder, this is in front of a trailer that the person doesn't even own!) As we drove by the front door swung open, and the Ex walked out! He walked out to smoke, and we drove off laughing.

If I had not left, I would still live in a trailer with someone I didn't like, becoming a person I couldn't stand.

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