Friday, February 25, 2011


I have a confession: I like lists. Scratch that, I love lists! When I discovered "Stickies" and "iCal" I was on cloud nine (thanks Macbook)! I like to plan, and budget. I carry a budget in my wallet that has my money tracked from now until July, it's semi-neurotic. I book back-to-back plans with friends, and each day I run from work to school, run back to work, run to the gym, run home to cook, and then study until I can't keep my eyes open. I never thought my lifestyle was a problem, but I'm beginning to realize it is. I have HUGE goals, and that requires a lot of planning, and better time management. In honor of my confession, here is a list of my current "to dos" and projects:

1. SLC Half Marathon on April 17th
2. Get my blue belt in jiu-jitsu (this one is huge!)
3. Work 40 hrs a week
4. Attend 9 credit hours of school (and my current non-credit internship)
5. Volunteer with Equality Utah
6. Volunteer with the Inclusion Center
7. Work on the "blogging for girls" project I have undertaken
8. Work on a longitudinal study with Dr. Brinkman (this one is still in the works)
9. Pay off my debt
10. Get a raise at work
11. Maintain social life

Basically, I don't sleep. I am officially empathetic towards all college kids that abuse uppers, not that I'm endorsing that behavior, but I totally understand it.


MeganDan said...

You and me both girlfriend. I LOVE my to do lists. It's the only way I remember and am able to complete the things I need done in one day.

Hoorah for macs. I love "stickies" too :)

Natalie said...

Are you volunteering at Pride this year? My friend Kent is going to be in the VIP tent and it sounded fun. Flower arranging, snobby gheys, you know...

Also, have you heard of BlogHer? It's an online blogging community for Women. Maybe they have something for girls that could help with your project? Just a random thought. XOXO

Chelsea Kilpack said...

I wasn't planning on volunteering at Pride, but I would be interested in doing it!

I totally forgot about BlogHer, I am doing some blog research over spring break, I will have to keep them in mind. Thanks, Nat!