Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

I turned twenty-three on the ninth of this month, and it was the best birthday I could have imagined. Ben surprised me by putting together a party at The Pie, in South Jordan. All of my coaches, and some of my dearest friends came. We ate pizza and a delicious cake (the cake was provided by VTS.) I had no idea that he had planned the party! I was under the impression that we were going home after an arduous workout to eat tacos. Ben said we needed to stop at the store, which is in the same complex as The Pie. I asked what we were doing when he bypassed the store and he replied, "we're going to your birthday party." I almost cried in the car; no one has ever planned a surprise party for me. We walked up to the door and through the window I could see my favorite little man, Jarom running in the lobby. I almost broke down when I saw that little guy and his beautiful sister Sofia.

Ben is amazing, I seriously could not ask for a better companion. In lieu of my new age, I figured it would be fun to compile a short list of the major things that happened during my twenty-second year of life:

1. My 1st Half marathon!!! (I'm particularly proud of this one)
2. Dirty Dash 10k
3. 2nd place at the Utah Grappling games
4. Trip to Maui
5. Trip to Arvada, CO for NAGA
6. Trip to Boulder, CO for my first Aesop show
7. Trip to Reno, NV for my second Aesop show
8. I made the Dean's list at the University of Utah,
and my personal favorite...
9. Ben and I made our relationship "official"

I have some serious work to do, because each year must be better than the last! Bring it, 23!

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Natalie said...

Holy Balls! Dean's list!! That is awesome!!