Monday, June 20, 2011


Today is my friend Alexis' birthday, and I hope she has the best day, because she deserves it more than she will ever know. 

Alexis is:
  • funny
  • a certified personal trainer
  • a competition rock climber (previously ranked 10th in the U.S.)
  • caring
  • a professional belly dancer
  • smart; she has two honors degrees from The University of Texas at Austin
  • speaks multiple languages
  • is a 2X golden gloves champ (she made it to the finals four times total)
  • a bad ass muay Thai fighter
  • a total sweetheart.  
  • an amazing pianist
  • a talented painter
  • a good listener
  • super gorgeous
Did I mention she is gorgeous, because she is absolutely and completely beautiful? I shit thee not, she has done all of that stuff, and she is all of those things, and she isn't even thirty.  I hope her day is fabulous.  I hope this year brings her tons of good fortune, and I hope to make some awesome memories with her in the years to come!

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