Monday, June 13, 2011

Road Trip

I went on a quick road trip this past weekend to help a friend move from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City, and we had an absolute blast!  We flew into L.A., gathered up her things, hopped in her Lexus, and headed for Las Vegas!

We didn't arrive at our hotel, the Monte Carlo, until midnight.  I immediately assumed it was too late for us to go out and see the city, but I was wrong.  Clubs in Utah close at two, which is far from the case in Sin City.  Oh, how naive.

We quickly threw on our clubbing attire, makeup,  flat-ironed our hair, and we were out the door by 12:30!

This is the only picture we took
 Just my luck, the first five minutes on the strip I almost smashed right into a guy that had a six foot snake draped around his shoulders.  Really?!  I'm pretty sure that is stressful for the snake, and people like me don't appreciate it.  LEAVE YOUR REPTILES AT HOME, PEOPLE!

We met Alexis' friend, Jorge at The Palms, and he got is into two clubs, Moon and The Playboy Club, without a cover charge (thankfully, because it is ridiculously expensive!)  It was cool to see the atmosphere in the club, but it was mostly just reaffirming that it isn't my scene.  I can't believe there are people that live for that lifestyle!  I suppose if I had one ounce of rhythm clubbing would be fun, but I don't, sooooo I mostly just feel like an idiot.

I literally saw a vagina while I was "dancing."   I wanted to walk up to the girl and say "oh honey" as I tugged her skirt down.

Three shots of tequila cost $45...that is five dollars short of what I pay to get my hair cut and colored, with a tip!  If I wasn't a starving student that wouldn't be a lot of money, but it is, and I almost just turned around and walked away when the lady told me the price!  After some good alcohol, fun people watching, great dancing, meeting a cool new person, and laughing my ass of with Alexis, we went back to the room.

The night ended with us drinking water and eating vegetable chips in the hotel room (Alexis didn't think pants were necessary at this point, so she was walking around in zebra panties. Priceless.) I talked to Ben while Alexis passed out.  By the time I climbed into bed, the sun was rising.  I laid in the big, comfy hotel bed, and fell asleep, feeling like a rock star.

The drive home was fantastic!  I mentioned that Alexis owns a Lexus, because she let me drive it all the way home, and it was the best driving experience of my life!  Her car is quite the machine.  We really bonded over the trip, and I can't wait to go on another trip with her!

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