Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Chocolate and Brylea's Birthday

On Saturday we took Brylea out for her 8th birthday celebration!  Ben and I decided that having four siblings must mean that you are constantly fighting for attention, fighting to be heard (Ben knows this, he is one of five), and because we recognize this, we're taking each kid out for a solo birthday date.  Each date will be different, and each kid will get some time with two listening adults.

Our first birthday date was with Brylea!  We took Brylea to a bakery in West Jordan called "The Chocolate."  This is one of two locations, and I have wanted to go, so this was a perfect time.  The bakery is inside of a small cottage-style house that has been converted into a quaint oasis in the middle of West Jordan.  The decor is fabulous!  As usual, we didn't have a camera, so camera-phone pictures will have to do (I'm not a photographer, so the picture quality isn't likely to improve, ever).

This is the birthday girl, Brylea.  She talked and talked and was great.

Great, the inside of the place was fabulous, but how was the food?

Well, I wish I could say better things, but I would give the taste of our treats a B grade.  The Brooklyn Blackout Cake slice that I had was kind of dry and the cake was bland, and Ben's Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookie was just plain bad.  However, the lemon square was delicious, and so was the mint chocolate brownie and the huge cup of coffee that we ordered.  So 2 of 5 menu items were sub-par...which as far as I'm concerned means that I will definitely try the place again, but I can't quite recommend it to anyone that I know.

After the bakery we took Brylea to the dollar store and she bought some Mother's Day presents.  Brylea is a sweetheart, it was her birthday date and the first thing she asked was, "can we go buy my mom something for tomorrow, I have $5 from the Easter egg hunt."  On her day, that sweet little girls spent every dollar she had on her mom.  I was happy to go with her and pick out trinkets.

After shopping we went to a soccer game to watch her little brother and sister play.  Brylea seemed to have a good time, which was really all that mattered.  The next birthday date is with Logan, and I must say, I'm excited to visit the dinosaur museum!


MeganDan said...

What a great idea! I bet you are a favorite to those kids :)

Chelsea Kilpack said...

Thanks, Meg! They are wonderful kiddos!