Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Parent's Love

Two of my best friends from high school just welcomed babies into the world.  Teegan Miller and Maddix Champion have daddies that used to skip school at my house, and raid my mom's fridge.  Out of our core group of friends: Trent = married and a homeowner, Andrew = Married and a homeowner, Tyson = Parent and a homeowner, Zacc = Parent, and Chelsea, well, Chelsea = Student? I know it is a culture thing (specific to Utah), and I'm doing stuff in the right order, but sometimes it feels like I am getting left behind.  Sometimes it feels like I'm not a "real" adult without a marriage certificate and a mortgage.

Life has changed so much from the days when my mom used to yell at me, "Trent, Tyson, and those other boys are eating us out of house and home!"  In all fairness, they were.  Now, those boys are dads.

Congrats, Guys!

Camrann summed up being a parent today in what I can imagine are some of the truest words ever written, "My poor daughter. I doubt she'll ever find a man who loves her as much as I do right now. Everything gets complicated as people grow more complex but I have the luxury of pure uncomplicated unconditional unwavering love. That why we have kids; in order to experience that with another human being."  (Kind of makes me contemplate kids in the distant future.)

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