Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When I started writing this blog I made myself a promise.  I yelled the promise in my head, "THIS IS MY BLOG, I WILL NOT WRITE SOLELY ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIP WITH BEN!!!"  I can be super demanding (bitchonwheels). I'm completely breaking that rule, sort of, again...

All day long I have been recounting last night in my head.  Some nights are so wonderful, so satisfying, and so special, that your mind just keeps going back there.  I won't share intimate details, because that would just be rude, but let me tell you, being an adult is great.  Trust manifests itself in some of the simplest ways.  Intimacy is great, and naked intimacy is even better. 

Living with Ben is great.  Laughing with Ben is great.  Laying on the floor and reading my new book while Ben folds the laundry is great!  When Ben lays down on the floor and spoons me, and I put my book down to turn around and make eye-contact while we talk, that is great.  Having days that I can't stop thinking about Ben, and it has been two years since our first date, that is awesome.

That is all.


Stef said...

Thank you for saying everything I've ever thought about Traci, about Ben. Now I know I'm not alone in feeling how I do over the simplest stuffs.

collette charles-bodtcher said...

:) i said the same thing about my blog, but it's hard not to only write how amazing love is.

and being an adult and the intimate privileges that come with that is EXCELLENT!