Monday, May 9, 2011

Water for Elephants

For Mother's Day we took my mom to see Water for Elephants, she has been wanting to go, and today her wish was granted.  Begrudgingly, I made the plans and dragged my little brother to the theater with me and Ben.  You see, we have all been bombarded with Robert Pattinson crap since before the premiere of Twilight, and well, if you have seen any of those dreadful movies, the thought of R-Pats as the lead role is kind of dismal.  But, I took my "Twi-hard" mother to the movie, and I am so glad that we went!

Water for Elephants follows a young Jacob Janakowski (Pattinson) who loses both of his parents in a car crash on the day he is taking his licensing final to become a veterinarian from Cornell.  After being left with nothing he hops on a train and is taken in by circus workers.  What ensues is a dramatic unraveling of love, lust, violence, animal abuse, and eventually a great love story.  Reese Witherspoon plays Marlena, the wife of August (Christoph Waltz), the owner of the Benzini Bros. Circus.  Marlena has your typical rags to riches tale that has trapped her with the jealous and crazy August.  August is a tyrant, forever yearning to outdo Ringling Bros., and keep his wife squarely by his side.  You will hate August, love Jacob, and be in awe of Reese Witherspoon's looks the whole movie!  I cried twice, and laughed a lot.  If you want a good love story, the movie is worth a $9 ticket.

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